adg full form

What is the full form of adg?

adg full form: Additional Director General

adg full form

Additional Director General of Police (ADG or ADGP) is an acronym for Additional Director General of Police. In the Indian Police Services, it is a top-ranking second-rank position. Despite holding the same 3-star police rank as the Director-General of Police (DGP), the ADGP is regarded as a lower-ranking officer. Commissioner of Police (also known as Police Commissioners) is the comparable designation in several places, including Kolkata, Chennai, and Vijayawada.  adg full form the principal duty of the ADG is to preserve law and order and to take the necessary procedures to ensure peace and legality. He must also liaise with the local state or union territory’s police agency.

The national symbol on top of the cross sword and baton is the ADG’s insignia (in Delhi). ADG’s pay ranges from 80k to 225k INR, and he also receives a number of benefits, including housing, an official vehicle, paid salary leave, medical coverage for his family, a security guard, electricity and phone service, and a lifetime pension.

adg full form

ADG Qualification

To become an ADG, you must pass the UPSC-IPC test,(1) for which you must have at least a graduate degree.

Age Restrictions: The maximum age restriction is 56 years old. The upper age restriction varies by state and union territory.

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