Full form of CNC

What is the Full Form of CNC Full Form of CNC: Computerized Numerical Control The full form of CNC is “Computerized Numerical Control“. Numerical control is the automated use of a computer to operate lathes, boring machines, drills, and 3D printers. Digital electronic computers are used to automate, control, and monitor a machine’s operations through …

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full form of cctv

What is the Full Form of CCTV ? Full Form of CCTV: Cosed Circuit Television The Full form of CCE is “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation“.  CCE is the abbreviation for a comprehensive student evaluation system. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the state governments of India together developed the Continuous and Complete Evaluation …

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BIT Full Form

What is the Full form of BIS? BIT full form: Binary digit BIT Full form is Binary digit. In information theory, computers, and digital communication, it is the fundamental information unit. In a computer, a binary digit (bit) is the smallest unit of data. It has a true/false or ON/OFF value and is used to …

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