Full form of AC

What is the full form of AC?

Full Form Of AC: Alternating Current

Full form of AC

The Full form of AC stands for Alternating Current. It’s a current in which the direction of electric charge flow changes on a regular basis. In other words, alternating current varies its direction and magnitude on a regular basis, i.e., it begins at zero, increases to a maximum, returns to zero, expands to a maximum in the other direction, and finally returns to zero.

As long as the AC continues flowing through the circuit, this cycle will be repeated indefinitely.(1) Direct current (DC) only flows in one direction, while alternating current (AC) flows in both directions. When compared to DC, AC is more easier to generate and transmit. As a result, AC is employed in mains-wired structures such as houses, offices, factories, and other structures.

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ACAir ConditionerAcademic & Science and Engineering
ACAir CanadaTransport & Travel and Airport Codes
ACAscension IslandComputing and Domain Names (TLD)
ACActiniumAcademic & Science and Chemistry
ACAcre Regional and States & Districts
ACAcetyl GroupAcademic & Science and chemistry

Electric motors, which transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, also use alternating current. Washing machines, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances all use electric motors.

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