Full form of ACC

What is the full form of ACC?

Full Form Of ACC: Associated Cement Companies

Full form of ACC

The full form of ACC is Associated Cement Companies. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of cement and ready-mixed concrete. On August 1, 1936, ACC Limited was formed by the merger of eleven cement businesses owned by the Tatas, Khataus, Killick Nixon, and F E Dinshaw families to establish The Associated Cement Companies (ACC). The Associated Cement Companies Limited was renamed ACC Limited on 1 September 2006. Its headquarters are located on Mumbai’s Maharishi Karve Road, widely known as Cement House. Neeraj Akhoury will take over as ACC’s MD and CEO in April 2020. Its mission is to be one of India’s most reputable enterprises, known for defying norms and keeping our commitments.

Imagination: We want to be one of the most well-known companies in India, known for breaking with tradition and achieving our promises.

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Product Highlights:

  • Portland cement is a kind of cement.
  • Cement of superior quality
  • Cement in bulk
  • Cement that has been pre-mixed
  • Value-Added Products for Ready-Mixed Concrete

A Short History Of ACC

  • The Associated Cement Companies Ltd was founded in August 1936 by the merging of 10 existing cement companies.
  • It built India’s first completely indigenous cement factory at Chaibasa, Bihar, in 1944.
  • It opened a bulk cement facility at Okhla, New Delhi, in 1956.
  • It created the Central Research Station in Thane in 1965.
  • It purchased the Cement Marketing Company of India in 1973.
  • It was the first company in India to develop precalcinator technology in 1978.
  • It launched its first 1 MPTA facility at Wadi, Karnataka, in 1982. (Full form of ACC) In the same year, it formed Bulk Cement Corporation of India, a joint venture with the Indian government.
  • Until 1999, the TATA family was linked with the corporation. In 1999, it sold 7.2 percent of its ACC interest to Ambuja Cement Hodings Ltd and the rest to Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.
  • IDCOL Cement Ltd became a subsidiary of the company in 2003, and in 2004 it was renamed Bargarh Cement Ltd.
  • The Superbrands Council of India designated it as a Consumer Superbrand in 2004.
  • Associated Cement Companies Ltd was renamed ACC Ltd on September 1, 2006,¬†after Damodhar Cement & Slag Ltd, Bargarh Cement Ltd, and Tarmac (India) Ltd amalgamated with the firm.
  • In 2008, the Full form of ac the company’s concrete division was split off as ACC Concrete Ltd.
  • It created the ACC Cement Technology Institute in Jamul on July 7, 2008.
  • It opened a coal washery in Jamul in September 2009.
  • It completed the 2.5 MW wind mill project in Maharashtra in 2010.
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) AS Certification Services certified it to ISO 9001-2008 in 2011.¬†

ACC Journey

  • In 2010, it celebrated its platinum jubilee, making it the first company in the cement sector to do so. It also earned the FICCI Award for 2009-10 this year.
  • It built the world’s largest kiln at the ACC Cement Plant in Karnataka in 2011. It could make 12,500 tonnes of cement a day.
  • In 2012, ACC came out with M-100 grade concrete for building high-intensity towers. A Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) (Full form of ACC) and GPS were also used to speed up the turnaround time of trucks. It was the first cement company in India that used these tools to do this.
  • ACC was named the Most Admired Company of India in the cement industry by Fortune India and Hay Group India in 2013 and earned the CII-ITC Sustainability Prize.
  • It completed the Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) in Gagal in 2014, marking a significant stride toward energy conservation.
  • To increase the use of industrial waste, it developed two waste pre-processing factories in Wadi and Kymore in 2015. (Full form of ACC)
  • ACC got the Silver Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the ICAI in 2016 for their Annual Report 2014.
  • 2017: For its Annual Report 2015, ACC received the ICAI’s “Silver Award” for excellence in financial reporting.


1, What is the full form of ACC?

The full form of ACC is Associated Cement Companies. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of cement and ready-mixed concrete. On August 1, 1936

2, What is the work of ACC?

Through a number of imposing constructions including dams, bridges, highways, etc., ACC helped to create modern India. It has met the needs of numerous generations of clients. The fact that ACC’s cement was used in millions of homes across the nation is proof of the trust people have in us.

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