Full Form Of ADF

What is the full form of ADF?

Full Form of ADF: Automatic Document Feeder

Full form of ADF

Automatic Document Feeder is the complete form of ADF ). ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder, and the full name of the abbreviation is Automatic Document Feeder.

The Full form of ADF is the “Automatic Document Feeder.” ADFs are used in copiers and scanners to feed pages into the machine. It enables multiple pages to be copied or scanned at the same time without the need to insert each individual page in the copier or scanner.

A flatbed scanner, on the other hand, requires the placement of each sheet on the scanning surface separately. While this is For single pages, copying 80 would need a lot of manual page loading! Some copy devices are available with both an automated document feeder (1) and a flatbed scanning surface, allowing you to use either approach.

Full form of ADF
ADFAlliance Defending FreedomAssociation & Organization
ADFAustralian Defense ForceMilitary
ADFAmerican Dance FestivalArts
ADFAmiga Disk File Computer
ADFAdiyaman AirportTransport & Travel
ADFApplication Development FacilityComputer
ADFApplication Development FrameworkComputer
ADFAlternative Display FacilityBusiness
ADFAr nDraiocht FeinAssociation & Organization
ADFAfrican Development FoundationGovernmental
ADFAsian Dub FoundationNews & Entertainment

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