Full Form of ANI

What is the FULL FORM OF ANI in English?- #1 Fullguide

Full Form of ANI: Asian News International

Full Form of ANI: Automatic Number Identification

Full form of ANI

Various full forms of ANI have been mentioned below, including some of the most common ones:

Full Form of ANI: Asian News International

ANI “Asian News International” is the full form of ANI. It’s a New Delhi-based Indian news agency that syndicates multimedia content to other news organizations in India and around the world. An international network of more than a hundred offices spread across India, the region, and the globe makes ANI a premier source for breaking news across all media platforms. ANI was India’s first news organization to broadcast video news. To satisfy the human need for knowledge and information, its growth was fueled. On December 9, 1971, Prem Prakash created it. Smita Prakash, the editor-in-chief, is married to Sanjiv Prakash, the CEO, and together they run India’s largest news agency as of 2019.

Full Form of ANI: Automatic Number Identification

ANI (Automatic Number Identification) is a service that delivers the number of the calling phone to the receiver of a phone call. The mechanism through which this information is provided is determined by the service provider (such as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.). (1)Rather of manually asking the originating phone number for a phone call, Automatic Number Identification was created to ease the invoicing process for telephone operators. DTMF (multi-frequency digital tone) tones are often sent together with the call to offer the service. AT&T Corporation initially designed ANI for the purpose of internal long-distance pricing. ANI is still in use to handle the invoicing of free phone lines like 1-800, 1-888, and so on.

Other full forms of ANI

ANIAcademia Nacional de Ingeniería Societies
ANIAccord National Interprofessionnel General
ANIAcute Nerve Irritation Physiology
ANIAdventure Network International General
ANIAge Not Important Chat
ANIAlliance for Nursing Informatics Nursing
ANIAniak, Alaska USA Airport Codes
ANIAnimal News Item Animals
ANIANImated Cursors File Extensions
ANIAnimation (Presidio – many) File Extensions
ANINational Association of Inventors (Brazil) Societies
ANINational Academy of Engineering (Mexico) Societies
ANINational Academy of Engineering (Argentina) Societies
ANIAverage Nucleotide Identity Biotechnology
ANIAutism Network International Medical Organizations
ANIAudubon Nature Institute Regional Organizations
ANIAuckland Normal Intermediate General
ANIAtkins Nutritionals, Inc. Companies & Corporations
ANIAsynchronous Network Interface Networking
ANIAssociação Nacional dos Inventores Societies
ANIAs Nature Intended General
ANIArtificial Narrow Intelligence General
ANIArmenian National Institute Institutes
ANIAnterior Nebulae Integration Astronomy

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