Full form of BCC

What is the Full form of BCC?

Full form of BCC : Blind carbon copy

full form of bcc

The full form of bcc is Blind carbon copy. Bcc is a popular abbreviation for it. It enables the sender to conceal the recipient listed in the BCC field from the other recipients of an email or message. This idea originally applied to written correspondence, and it still does for email correspondence. When such happens, the typewriter who prepares the paper correspondence must make sure that none of the recipients may see the other recipients. Ensure that none of the document’s receivers may see the names of the others. To accomplish this, the typist can circulate the copies after adding the names in a second stage without using carbon paper.

In the context of an email, the recipients are identified by utilizing addresses in any of the three fields as follows: to-primary recipients, to-Cc-Carbon copy to secondary recipients-other interested parties, and BCC-Blind carbon copy to tertiary receivers who receive the message. The mail’s particular receivers cannot be seen by the mail’s primary and secondary recipients. Depending on the email software, the tertiary receivers may only see their own email address in the BCC field and the email addresses of all primary and secondary recipients.

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