All Full Forms List

The following is a list of all complete forms on various topics, with new full forms being uploaded on a regular basis. These words are organized alphabetically and may be further divided into areas such as government, organization, technology, education, business, internet, medical, sports, army, chat, and more. Visit the acronym’s sites to learn all there is to know about each phrase.

Full Forms beginning with the letter of “A”

AcronymFull Form
ADFAutomatic Document Feeder
ATSAnti-Terrorism Squad
ACAlternating Current
Air Conditioner
ACCAssociated Cement companies
ADGAdditional Director General
AMCAnnual Maintenance Contract
ANIAsian News International
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
ASHAAccredited Social Health Activist

Full Forms beginning with the letter of “B”

AcronymFull Form
BFFBest Friends Forever
BITBureau of Indian Standards
Bank for International Settlements
BCCBlind Carbon Copy
BSFBorder Security Force
MBBSfull form of MBBS
BJPBharatiya Janata Party
BBLBe Back Later
BTSBangtan Sonyeondan
Base Transceiver Station
BISBureau of Indian Standards